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The official website of NFL | will serve as the starting quarterback face Orton Bill starting | football Buffalo Bill made a change at the quarterback. Coach Doug Malone announced Monday local time veteran quarterback Kell Orton (Kyle Orton) will replace the EJ- guest Manuel challenge Detroit lions game at Bill on Sunday (EJ Manuel) to become the first. Malone said he made the decision on Monday afternoon. I didn't ask (Management) for permission, Malone told ESPN. I just walked into the dressing room and said it was the decision I made. Malone did not promise Orton will start the rest of the season. The coach said the first Orton decision is to help the team then make a long-term decision. (we) can't continue to go on in the current direction, Malone said. Orton signed a contract of 2 years and 11 million dollars with Bill in August 29th, which is the starting player level salary. This strongly indicates that Bill didn't make sure Manuel can play the first place in the season. In 2013, Manuel, who was selected in the first round of the competition, continued to be depressed in the 4th week's defeat to Houston and Dezhou people. 2 passes were copied, 1 of which were attacked by Dezhou J.J. J.J.Watt. In the 4 start of the se cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ason, Manuel completed 58% passes, 5 touchdown pass 3 steals and 80.3 were quarterback rating. Bill has made a 2 - 2 record. , on Monday, shortly after the announcement of Malone's decision on Bill's official website, the team's running guard C.J. C.J. (C.J. Spiller) expressed support for Manuel in a report. People are trying to separate the team and point out who should start, but we are very confident that he can do well, Spiller said. Yesterday was a game he screwed up. He will learn from his mistakes, and he will take it seriously. But he will be good, we will support him and we will make sure he is ready for the game. ready or not, Bill is now in Kell Orton's time.The official website of NFL | NFL Losangeles rams page | Rugby seems that NFL has given a hint that Saint Louis goats are moving to Losangeles. this time the picture is in we all know that ram has been in Losangeles, but interestingly, this picture can only connect to ram but not to Oakland Raiders, who was also in Losangeles 20 years ago. in the draft day, the president has said that the existing stadium in Losangeles can accommodate 2 teams, but has previously revealed that the team that will go to Losangeles is a lightning and Raider. then what the page really hints at, let's wait and see.The official website of NFL | Germany took over Bollinger: want to become NFL Nowitzki | Rugby look a little higher, Moritz Ballinger (Moritz Boehringer). Why not? from the German Minnesota Vikings six round show is the first direct from Europe through the League drafted into the NFL player, he hopes his occupation career can be like the sport in the United States the most famous German player, played for the Dallas Mavericks NBA Dirk - Nowitzki (Dirk Nowitzki). my ultimate goal is to become NFL's Dirk - Nowitzki, but it takes time, he said on Monday. I have to make sure to stay in the team first. indeed, Ballinger has a long way to go, but at least now between him and the Vikings will not create any contractual differences. Monday this year Ballinger draft players in the first contract person. He signed a 4 - year value of $2 million 490 thousand with the Vikings, including more than $150 thousand in signing bonuses. Why do you sign the contract so quickly? Because the Vikings have to help Bollinger get a work visa.The official website of NFL | prospective Saint vs Cowboy: scoring game of reproduction? | football In the fourth week of the 2014 season NFL regular season, the Dallas cowboy was in town at home to meet the challenges of the New Orleans saints. The two sides have met for two consecutive seasons and the saints have won. Before that, the saints unexpectedly opened two consecutive defeats and won the first victory over the Minnesota Vikings in third weeks. The cowboy defeated Saint Louis rams with the biggest team history, and won 2 consecutive wins after a bad start to the 49 people in San Francisco. Both sides need to win the game to catch up the leaders of the zoning. game: cowboy defense team against saints passing attack Before the start of the season the Cowboys offensive group was once considered the worst is not only more rotten, but the start of the season after their performance is also good, especially once from Baltimore crow retired linebacker Rolando Mclean (Rolando McClain). But third weeks in the face of the Saint Louis rams, despite 2 steals, cowboy defense let the ram of the No. three quarterback Austen Davies (Austin Davis) looks like ace quarterback, he in defensive group cowboy body is 42 times the ball 30 times successfully gained 327 yards and 3 touchdowns. Cowboy in 2012, the first round Maurice, Morris Claiborne, was beaten by rams for 2 times, and got 1 yards. The other team star guard Orlando - Iskander Rick (Orlando Scandrick) in the introduction of new regulations for alliance drug screenings half is a good news, at least in the game against the rams and Rick Susskind clyburn offensive player according to the configuration rotation ram of the play, and cowboys coach Jason - Garrett (Jason Garrett) said the next game can have much playing clyburn time to be determined. Bruce Carter, the same Bruce Carter, was also very bad before that. But the good news is absent for a cowboy against Mclean and ram game had been injured Anthony Spencer (Anthony Spencer) will likely return. But the saints attack they faced with one of the best in the league's passing attack, four point guard Drew - Bracey (Drew Brees) play still sharp, the first round of this year's show over Blanding Cousteau (Brandin Cooks) to play well, plus the veteran Marcus - Kors Dayton (Marques Colston) and the second grade students Kenny Stiles (Kenny Stills), but can not ignore the big kill Jimmy - Graham (Jimmy Graham). Such a combination helps saints' current total attack code number alliance fourth, pass code digital column alliance fifth. How the cowboy defense is going to deal with the saints' passing attack is worth it.

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