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Connor (Connor Halliday) - Khalid suddenly choose to leave Washington to let the world understand. The is not selected in the team from the Washington State University free agent rookie training camp before leaving, it is reported that his reason for leaving is retired. Red Coach Jay Gruden (Jay Gruden) seems to be not very satisfied, he said: "I cannot say what of his decision, he just chose a plane to fly home. I didn't have a chance to talk to him, of course, I believe that he has their own personal reasons." fortunately Khalid leave does not affect the team wasted a draft pick, but also makes the competition quarterback more opportunities, at least for Robert - Griffin III (Robert Griffin III) is so. "We have three quarterback fighting every day. In a few days, 2 people will be eliminated, and then everything will be decided," he said.2020 Olympic baseball and softball each 6 teams! The MLB still does not relent baseball and softball data map star network comprehensive Japan "daily sports", "Yomiuri Shimbun" and other media reports, Japan's 2020 Olympic Committee additional project review meeting to confirm the final in 28, 8 of the 2020 Olympic Games host recommendation project, the last 5 projects selected for next year's Brazil IOC vote. They are baseball and softball, karate, rock climbing, surfing and skateboard, three projects of martial arts, squash and bowling. The supplementary project review conference, when explaining the meeting, said: "the 5 items are chosen because baseball and softball and ka cheap nfl jerseys free shipping rate have a large market in Japan, while the three items of rock climbing, surfing and skateboarding are in line with popular demand among young people." It is worth noting that karate is likely to adopt full contact against the rule, which is similar to the game and not Taekwondo, similar Chinese martial arts routines - "bid type (group hand)"; or use a blow to the opponent, stop before the physical encounter "inch" rules. is reported that according to the requirements of International Olympic Committee, the host can choose more projects, and the number of all the new players can't exceed 500, which makes the number and number of baseball players and softball teams less than before. at the 2008 Olympic Games, the number of players in baseball team was 24, and softball was 16. At that time, there were 8 teams in each event, and 320 players participated. If the Olympic Games in 2020 by the 8 teams participating, softball is light occupies most of the 500 places, in addition to 4 small projects about 14-18 gold medals only 180 contestants number. So, Japan reports, according to the final personnel adjustment, it is possible that the team of baseball and softball will become a project 6. , in the case of 8 teams, China's men's baseball team's chances to compete are quite severe, because in Asia and Japan, when hosts are in a position, it is necessary to defeat Korea and Chinese Taipei. Women's softball, softball tryouts in Japan do not participate in the case of the main Chinese softball qualifying competition is the ability of Taipei. In recent years, in the competition, Chinese softball has been the Chinese Taipei softball press. The 2014 Asian Games in Inchon, China softball in preparation for the 2020 Olympic Games, a substantial turnover and super young, when he hoped to build a new China softball out. in addition to the number of problems, the International Olympic Committee has been unpleasant and the MLB star competition. As a International Olympic Committee, the new project hopes to be a project to gather the strongest stars in the world. For example, the NHL ice hockey stars in the Winter Olympics, and even the NBA basketball stars. 〉The Jiangsu team in the |2012 Strait Cup championship softball softball pitcher | Wang Rong Lan Ying , Jiang Xiuyun, the deputy director of the center of the hand bar, awarded the cup for the Jiangsu team Cleveland September 16 Foshan Xinhua (reporter Liu Xiangqian) 2012 Strait Cup Softball Game for ranking match today in Chinese fashion sports base in the South Foshan Shunde Ronggui street small Huangpu East Coast: Jiangsu team in the championship in 5-0 defeating Nantou Nantou team team won the championship, won the runner up, Guangdong team won the runner up. Taiwan Normal University team won the fourth prize. after a round robin competition, Nantou and Jiangsu teams with the top two won the championship qualification, Guangdong team and the Taiwan team for the third normal university. at 3 p.m. in the championship fight. Jiangsu's first strike, but the first two sides failed to score, the top of the third inning Jiangsu team a great number 23 Cai Xieqing hit base hits on the direction, to first base, two base hit No. 11 rod Yuan Huaining, but at the same time ahead of No. 23 running back after the barrier is not timely blocked; Nantou team opted to go for the No. 27 pitcher River Yishan play, the Jiangsu team three bar No. 25 Chen Jia blocked success at first base before, but Yuan Huaining took the opportunity to steal third, four bar 8 Zhu Xianghong hit a single, Huaining yuan successfully came home to get 1 points. The fourth bureaus failed to score. the top of the fifth inning Jiangsu team mate Yang Huanhuan by sacrifice a first team to take, then anda constantly, Nantou team was forced to use number 18 for Ruan Jiahui No. 27 pitcher Jiang Yishan, but after the Jiangsu team 25, Chen Jia hit a two base hit number 8, Zhu Xianghong Chen Jia, to touch the ball on the first attack on the third. Then, Chen Jia had 1 home run fast. After the No. 33 and No. 22 Li Huan Hu Danjun was sent, but after loaded, the batsman Sheng Xiaojie No. 15 and No. 39 Xu Qianwen was caught, the Jiangsu team failed to score again. Nantou team sixth bureau put on the No. 14 pitcher Liao Nuoyu, a team of Jiangsu bar Li Li hit a hit, then wild pitch Li Li of the third, 23, Cai Xieqing hit the right field popped up, Li Li took the opportunity to get 1 home run. The total score on the field was 4-0, and the Jiangsu team took the lead. Jiangsu seventh team No. 29 was a great catch, No. 15 on first base, 28 base, left field hit No. 15 attack on the third, No. 6 and No. 15 Li Li hit a sacrifice to get home again 1 points, No. 28 attack on the third, but unfortunately failed to score again. Jiangsu team to the final 5-0 team beat Nantou, won this year the Cup Softball Game champion team won the runner up, Nantou, Nantou and Jiangsu pitcher Wang Lan Ruan Jiahui two team won the best pitcher award. Round round robin before the Jiangsu team, the first to win 1-0 Taiwan Division brigade, second to 8-0 victory over the Guangdong team, third games to 5-6 team lost to Nantou; this strait., there may be an interesting picture of the red leather competition against Green Bay Packers in Washington on Sunday, us. You will see the red skinned substitute quarterback, Colt McCoy, playing the role of long kick-off player. as a result of the team's original back muscle injury, Mccoy will serve as a long kicker for the team. , but in order to prevent accidents, red leather has been testing several free kick-off players in the free market today. At present, Jay Gruden, the team leader, most hopes that the veteran long kickback can return. but long punt kick off hand is obviously not a backup quarterback suitable occupation, but if Mccoy can become a temporary long kick-off of the game, so the team three or four rookie quarterback Nate Arthur Delfeld (Nate Sudfeld) may have the opportunity to enter the list is activated. although we think a bit far, but the special service is also the key to the game, especially red skin hoping to enter the playoffs. ?

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