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2015 occupation bowl draft at the end of yesterday, coincidentally, all four selected occupation bowl of the Arizona Cardinals players have been elected to the same team, so they can play a home court playing in front of common elders. in this field separately held on the draft, Carter team captain Chris - Carter (Cris Carter) has selected the special members of the Justin - Bossel Cardinals (Justin Bethel), cornerback Antonio (Antonio Cromartie) - Kulo Marty, defensive end Campbell Callas (Calais Campbell) and cornerback Patrick Peterson (Patrick Peterson). When learned that everyone was in the same team, Campbell said, "this is cool. I think Carter used a good strategy in this draft. He waited for a while to pick me up." Peterson was selected in the seventeenth place of the total, and Campbell was followed by the twenty-third place. The 2015 NFL professional bowl will be held at cheap nfl jerseys free shipping 9 a.m. Beijing time at Feinikesi's University of Phoenix Stadium on Sunday, Beijing time.What is the situation in 1. Aaron Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers)? Will 2. Rodgers continue to avoid Richard Sherman (Richard Sherman)? in the season opener, Rodgers avoided Sherman defensive area, but he still harvest only 189 yards in the game. The Seahawks and the Carolina Panthers in the game, Newton Kamm (Cam Newton) 3 times to pass the ball to Sherman defensive area, eventually steals 1 times. Sherman only allowed his opponent to complete 34 passes in his defensive season so far, but Rodgers himself has said that he will not evade Sherman any more. The contest between the two men will become another key of the competition. 3. hope against the packers or the Seahawks Cowboy? for the Seahawks, better against is facing the packers, although several Seahawk players have expressed that the hope and cowboy again. During the regular season, the Cowboys defeated the Seahawks, the desire for revenge is understandable. But in fact, the Seahawks did not care who is opponent. For the Seahawks, as long as they keep their style of play, can always find a loophole in the opponent's squad. The largest packers defensive problems in the defensive front line, the Seahawks to run ball offense is a positive. In the opener, the Seahawks 207 yards away from the ground. The packers also have excellent ground attack efficiency, but the team is accustomed to overrelying on Rodgers at the critical moment. For the Seahawks, they are confident that there are limits on the star quarterback method. 4. what other injuries can affect the game?Monday, the Indianapolis Colts announced they signed former Tennessee Titans Center / guard Blaine schwenk (Brian Schwenke). as the first four rounds show Titan, the first four years of the 41 career schwenk in 28 games. Since 2016 is his first single season played at least 12 games, schwenk durability will be a major concern. Chris, Ballard, general manager of Chris, said: "Blaine is very excited about joining the offensive front line. His versatility attracts us and makes the competition within the team more intense." schwenk last season in the play Titan guard position will not change in the estimation of the Denver last week the Broncos against Arizona Cardinals in the game, the Broncos rookie running back Juan Thompson (Juwan Thompson) three red ball 15 yards 1 touchdowns results show a good potential. This week because the first running back Monti Bauer (Montee Ball) due to injury, Thompson is expected to enter the main rotation. , a new rookie knee from the Duke University, was a little hurt. He was absent from Wednesday's training and trained on Thursday. But wild horse coach John Fawkes (John Fox) is not worried. He said Thompson's training condition is excellent this week, which will aggravate his attacking proportion appropriately. was also flattered by Thompson's unexpected win in last week's game due to Bauer's injury and another running away C.J. Anderson (C.J.Anderson). He said in an interview: "when I was playing, I felt a bit confused. I never expected to play so fast, but when Bauer left the field, I had to take responsibility." this season horse ground offensive into the doldrums, the main running back Bauer failed to show on Sean Moreno's excellent match Zeno, repeatedly rushed out of 0 yards or even negative yards, aggravate the Payton - Manning (Peyton Manning) passing pressure. In the face of the top - class New York jet this week, wild horses are facing a lot of pressure.

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