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New Balance Football General Manager Li chard ·, Wright (Richard Wright) said: "every set of Celtics football club's new season's jerseys are equipped with the leading technology of New Balance. At the same time, in the design of our shirt, we are pursuing not only the trend and style, but also the inspiration from the rich history of the club, and we have designed a brand-new robe with the temperament of retro and fashion.According to NFL famous media reporter Ian Labobote (Ian Rapoport) reported that the Oakland Raiders will be their second defensive assistant Marcus - Robertson (Marcus Robertson) promoted to second tier defensive coach officially, this is the new coach Jack - Rio (Jack Del Rio) for the team transformation step. this decision also makes other people feel happy, he is the Raiders safety Charles Woodson (Charles Woodson), because Robertson can be said to be Woodson's mentor, W cheap nfl jerseys free shipping oodson said: "Marcus always gives me a lot of help for a coach to play may be difficult, but in another coach might very well, I think he and I together will be the result of the latter." vudson is 38 years old, but his body is good. He also wants to play for the Raiders next season, which will be his fifteenth NFL season. This season Woodson laojifuli stunning performance, he completed a total of 112 One aims for the far-off future., tackles, hit a career high occupation, has ushered in the spring of second.Squash, squash tour in 2017 Chinese (Beijing Railway Station) competition rules 1. Host: national sports administration small ball sports management center China Squash Association two, undertaking unit: Beijing Ling Dongfang Sports Development Co., Ltd. three, co - unit: Carla Cara (Shanghai) Sports Development Co., Ltd. Dalian Guoguang sports facilities Engineering Co., Ltd. East Lake, East Lake villa, , Beijing four, competition project: men's singles and women's singles five, competition time: from May 19 to 21, 2017 (May 19th report, May 20th -21 day competition) six, the venue: East Lake villa squash hall, East Lake, Beijing seven, competition method: According to the 2017 Chinese squash Tour Championship (hereinafter referred to as the 2017 in the standings, attached) divided participants into two groups, group A was 2017 in the standings of men and women ranked the top four players, group B received accord with the condition of the player registration. (a) group , 1 men and women from the standings ranked the top four players to decide the place of single round robin. 1 wins 1 points, integral multi position before the column. If the score of the two people is equal, the winner of the two match is listed before the list. If three or more points equal to victory is more position before the column, if the two victory is equal to the number of two people, to match the position before the column. If more than three people and is equal to the number of the victory, scoring innings before ranking, if two of them by Bureau of the same number of two people to play the position before the column. If more than three people and is equal to the number of margin Bureau, by fractional multi position before the column, if two of them winning score two game winner of the rank. If the draw is equal, the number is decided. 2, a wild card allows the contestants, wild card qualification after a player I apply after identified by Chinese squash association. (two) B group 1, registration number less than 16 people (including 16), the double elimination playoff and decide the place. 2, the number of applicants is more than 16 people, the single elimination playoff and decide the place. 〉The official website of NFL | Newton Thanksgiving gift - new array celebration dance | football The (Cam Newton) - cam Newton's win is to dance. the Carolina Panthers quarterback on Thursday in the third day war Thanksgiving found the opportunity to reach the end zone complete with 33 touchdowns, helping Panther 14 victory over the Dallas cowboys, then he completed the one we don't know how to describe the dance in the end zone. in fact, before the game, the outside world of questioning inside and outside the Newton is quite violent, apparently Newton wanted to prove his own way. With the victory the Panthers finished with 11 wins and 0 losses feat, basically locked in the southern top contact position, while the completion of the Panther's first-ever Thanksgiving victory. this game Newton finished 183 yards of pass, 12 yards of the ball and a flush ball.

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