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even-even soccer equipment network said this year Barcelona Barcelona Jersey home court, I am afraid that many irons to frown. Nike this subversion of the traditional Barcelona red shirt, blue sword team used to cross design. For such a subversive design, some fans hold the habit of watching and watching. Others are shaking their heads firmly. They think such a Jersey is not enough to represent Basa. but said Barcelona Jersey, Barcelona people are quite proud of. Because the design of the jersey with reference to the flag of Catalonia "Senyera" color collocation. The main color of golden yellow symbolizes theBruce (Bruce Arians) - Arians are the League known to have unique preferences coach, of course including all win victory. he looked at the job of the coach very seriously, even to the players who cut off the wrong parking space. this offseason for those Arians play a negative role for the team's players were cleared, he recently received the "All or Nothing" Arizona interview program, the program is similar to the "tough training camp", referring to his formulation of the parking rules, w cheap nfl jerseys free shipping e can give the player advice is don't take your car parked in the parking spaces on the arians. Arians said: "he parked in the wrong place, what place has no parking, so he stopped coming in." It is reported that layoffs player is Laurence - Okye (Lawrence Okoye), although such layoffs reason is very bad, but the rule is the rule, and the Arians have laid down the rules of parking parked.Coach John - Harbert crow Baltimore (John Harbaugh) said last week that Saggers Terrell (Terrell Suggs) is the closest star he's injured return to the training field. Monday, he thought about it. Saggers throughout the offseason stage for the first time on the training field. Saggers injured his Achilles tendon in the first game of the 2015 season. crow now unable to play due to injury may be the most talented list in NFL history, Elvis Du mervil (Elvis Dumervil), Steve Smith (Steve Smith Sr.) and BRET Perryman (Breshad Perriman) - shad are plagued by injuries. Saggers throughout the offseason to talk ambiguously his injury during the mini camp he refused interview requests. He has not been trained for almost a year. if the Raven has any plan to return to the playoffs in the new season, Saggers will be activated from the injury list within 34 months of the season, which will be the reason why they have such hope. During the offseason, Du mervil has been optimistic about the prospects for crow's season, he said that two people can once again become the league's best combination sacks. 's training on Monday is the beginning of the long and long way back to the best.the new England Patriots to challenge the Green Bay Packers game is one of the focus of the war this week, this is the two elite quarterback Tom Brady (Tom Brady) and Aaron Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers) competition. The Patriots need this victory to consolidate the first position of the United States Union, and the packers need to win the gap between the Detroit lions and the zoning rivals. The game was first attacked by the Green Bay Packers. Eddie, Eddie Lacy, quickly became the pillar of the packers in this attack. He continued to complete the long distance catching and punching to help the team advance 60 yards. But after entering the red area of the patriot, the offense of the packers stopped and had to score by shooting. Compared with the packers first attacking automatics, the Patriots first wave of the attack is not smooth. In Tom Brady completed to wide receiver Brandon Rafael (Brandon LaFell) 12 yards, Aigo continuous third gear selection but failed to punch the ball 10 yards, can only choose to punt. The packers again began to attack, this time Lei Xi Road to punch the ball can not play a big effect, but the packers rookie wide receiver Davant Adams (Davante Adams) stood out, he received a 2 Rodgers pass for 45 yards, Rodgers also contributed 1 times for 17 yards, but the packers is still unable to get a touchdown in the Patriots red zone, once again chosen to play score. The patriot's second wave attack is still no improvement, not to directly attack three punt end. This time the packers offense finally got touchdowns, Rodgers consecutive passes were found running back James - Starks (James Starks) for 6 yards, 45 yards to find wide receiver Adams, the final 32 yards passing found rookie tight end Richard - Rodgers (Richard Rodgers) completed a touchdown. The packers took the lead in the first 13-0. The second section at the beginning of the Patriots offensive team finally found, Brady first 29 yards pass to tight end rob Kowski (Rob Gronkowski) - Gelon, and then another tight end Michael Hou Mai Nava Nooyi (Michael Hoomanawanui) in Europe with the completion of 23 yards passing into the packers to push one red zone. Then running back Brandon Bolden (Brandon Bolden) in 1 times for 12 yards and 6 yards with 1 touchdowns completed. The Patriot used only 2 minutes and 09 seconds to draw the score to 7-13. The packers of the next wave of attack before the two steady, offensive thrust ball and pass forward, then Rodgers can always finish the third conversion key. So to advance to the red zone after the packers patriots are still unable to resolve the problem of the red zone touchdown, with Rodgers in the Patriot 6 yards was killed, they can only choose to play the score again. The Patriots next attack in addition to the 2 red balls all rely on passing, Brady and Julian Edelman (Julian Edelman), Tim Wright (Tim Wrig〉

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