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the new England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (Tom Brady) the name has been recorded in history. , the patriot's legendary quarterback helped the team overcome the New York jet, so it won 200th individual victories and became the best player in the League of Payton Peyton (Peyton Manning). the game before Brady and in the final 1 minutes and 56 seconds, Malcolm - Mitchell (Malcolm Mitchell line) completed 8 yard touchdowns, helping the team win in the last 22 to 17. after the Brady supermodel wife Giselle Bangcheng (Gisele Bundchen) twitter wrote: "Congratulations dear to complete the 200 victory!!!" in addition to 200 victories, 45 or four are still close to Manning Brady's counter ultra, currently only 7 of Manning. The game finished Brady 30 passes for 286 yards and 2 touchdowns and 0 steals, help overall record is 9 patriot wins and 2 losses, total wins record Sunday against the Losangeles rams home court game might break Manning brady. ? Denver Mustang has not been able to communicate with his own Demaryius Thomas for at least a month. This is not a good cheap nfl jerseys free shipping sign for the team. NFL media reporters said so: "don't think it's impossible for Thomas to be out of the game. It's a very high probability now." It is reported that Thomas may be absent from the start of the team's training camp, which is his best chance to protest. But the absence of training is one thing, and absence will result in a loss of 750 thousand dollars a week. 's current Thomas offer is a $16 million contract per year, but only $12 million for the wild horse. It is reported that the team has done what he can do. It seems to be at least a short time that our Payton Manning (Peyton Manning) will lack a super relay.long distance punt return in the NFL race is not a very rare thing, however, in the past 49 super bowl, this scene is very rare, only a return code number more than 40 yards in twenty-third Super Bowls (San Francisco Broncos and Cincinnati 49), John Taylor (John Taylor) completed a 45 yard return. this record was finally broken in today's game, when the game to the middle of the second quarter, the Panthers offense blocked punt return selection, Mustang hand Jordan - Norwood (Jordan Norwood) received the ball near the 30 yard line, all the players think Norwood Panthers chose to stop the ball security defense. But Norwood didn't show any anticipation. He didn't hint at catching the ball safely. After catching the ball, he got a 62 yard return code along the right side of Naga Naoi. At the end of the half, the Mustang took a temporary lead with 13:7.The official website of NFL |2015 al west looking | football season The 2012 season of , lightning, Raiders, Emirates team wins three. Add up to the same and the Mustang (13 wins); 2013 season, Mustang, chiefs, lightning three team have reached the playoffs, the Broncos will sometimes ride the wind and waves to the super bowl; last season, Al west only Mustang a playoff team. Alone, they immediately in the ALDS with broken halberds defeat. In recent years, in addition to Payton - Manning constantly helping the wild horse win the ball, other teams are going to extremes. What kind of scene will the new quarter of the United States and the west side be? Denver wild horse is confident: in 1983, the 22 year old quarterback Gary Kubiak was eighth round of election, life for the first time to join the Denver Mustang camp; in 1995, 34 year old Kubiak returned to the Mustang, as offensive coordinator, guidance than he was a year old older John elvy; in 2015, 55 year old elvy already ingrained in the wild the general manager position, from the third career Kubiak joined the Mustang, became head coach. They also brought his handsome base area cover punching ball attack, in the past successful experience, no reason to feel strange horse. Wade Phillips took the lead group of defense, his coaching career in turn bad into good, the Mustang last season can still bring investment returns, the perfect lateral defender von Miller and DeMarcus Weil, a groove cornerback Chris - Harris, anti elite cornerback Archie Budd Taleb and hard Qiang Wei T.J. Ward, Phillips's biggest task is the star players kneading together, become a real team defense, before the season the match seems more and more like a horse on the defensive team to win. : Julius - Thomas, worrying Weiss Wilk, Ryan Credi (injury), Terrence - Orlando - Franklin, Manuel Knighton, Ramirez, Raheem Moore, a long list of stars to leave Mustang from bright stars become the night long thin, motionless in the arms race against time, Mustang the loss of personnel perhaps more serious than imagined. Julius and Wilcox will make three and red Mustang loss efficiency; creditOn, Franklin and Ramirez made the area cover implementation obstacles, semiconvergence for Evan - Mathis Knighton and first-class technology; let both defensive two Mustang Moore ring is vacant, especially one can play all nighton, three defense spike. unknown factors: Adam GESS and library commander's offensive system can be described as two extremes. GESS requires passing balls like stars. In the face of the greatest challenge, there is no doubt about Manning. The 2004 season, when the colt had used similar tactics to run from emphasis on false pass system, Manning scored a season when MVP embodies the Almighty, but 11 years later, Manning's arm had talent than in previous years, the rainbow.

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