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The official website of NFL | Biliqieke declined to comment on the incident ray Weiss | football Familiar with Biliqieke new England patriots coach Bill (Bill Belichick) the people must know, from his mouth to ask about the team's message is simply Arabian Nights. Local time on Friday at a news conference with reporters want to defy the law, the natural needless to say. Three days ago, the Patriots cornerback Darrel ray Weiss (Darrelle Revis) for being late Biliqieke directly back home. When asked about the matter, coach: anything about me and a player, only about two of us. then there is still news on this topic he's really not letting this go. A reporter asked: will Lives be late this time, will affect his appearance at the weekend with the Chicago bear? Biliqieke answer still maintains a distinctive personal characteristics, he choose to transfer a topic: I think the bear is a good team, they are v cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ery tough. It's a tough game for us and we need to show our best. look, this is Billy Cheik. Though it seems that the coach and the players have settled the matter together, we can't know how much the thunder Weiss incident has brought to us until the beginning of the match. In the same interview, Biliqieke doesn't care what you really asked, he just say what I want to say.According to NFL famous reporter Ian - Labobote (Ian Rapoport) reported Friday, the free player safetys Laluoen - Landry (LaRon Landry) due to the violation of the doping rules will face the next season league 10 game suspension. 30 year old Landry last season with the Indianapolis colts, a total of 6 times he could debut in the league in all 87 players in the same position thirty-ninth. But the Colts or in the last month choose to cut Landry. is worth mentioning, Landry last season because of almost the same problem to eat 4 tickets for the ban. Although the safety in this free agent market is very scarce, but the first round of the 2007 6 rookie did not attract too many people's eyes. Landry has shown a decline in the last season, so the 10 game ban is likely to be a serious blow to his career.On the day of the super bowl, NFL also got two heartbreaking news. is a pony linebacker Edwin Jackson (Edwin Jackson) died in a car accident. The two is the Seahawks defensive end Frank - Clark (Frank Clark) in Cleveland last week because of the fire and every two Yin and Yang father. Clark's father, Frank Clark III, is 46 years old, Alfonso Lathan Jr.. Larson's sons and granddaughters are all killed by the fire. seafalcon subsequent official statement said: "the whole family for Frank - Clark Haiying (Frank Clark) and his family would like to extend our condolences. I hope our thoughts and prayers can accompany the Clark family at this time of grief. " Clark also told tweet that the incident was caused by human arson, and the Cleveland fire department and the police did not provide more reports.The official website of NFL | Mathews face reading options must be better to play football | attack Craig - Mathews (Clay Matthews) poor performance this season. Part of the reason is that he had a groin injury in the early days of the season. The other reason for is that the opponent has been able to make use of his overly radical defense in the attack on the reading options. I know (people) are looking for people to blame, Mathews told the media. That's the way the region reads the attack, which is to let the defender hit in one direction or another, and then confuse the players. He said again. It's not "to blame a player," it's a duty to defend. It's hard to explain. The 6 packaging cost season opponents in 3 by some form of reading offensive options. Last week, the Miami dolphin quarterback Ryan - tower Hill (Ryan Tannehill) successfully completed 40 yards of the ball when Mathews was puzzled and flashed up the runner. the next game, the packers will face four home court the Carolina Panthers quarterback Newton Kamm (Cam Newton), he played 17 times at the ball for 107 yards and 1 touchdowns (not to mention the ball 284 yards and 2 touchdowns.). Containment of Newton will be the key to the packers, and this task will fall on Mathews. Newton's performance in the quarterback protection net this season is better than ever, and his passing precision has been greatly improved. What he showed last week was that his punching ball was also very effective. He is one of the most dangerous players in NFL. in the package has a washed ball ravaged the history of the case of quarterback Newton, the next game to let the packers fans with the.

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