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The Wuhan international water polo | festival in Nanchang province for the first time | touted open test point (reporter Li Yong) in 2014, China Wuhan international crossing the Yangtze River held a test competition in Nanchang, Jiangxi on Sunday. More than 200 swimmers in Jiangxi participated in the 400 meter breaststroke test. the annual Wuhan Festival, have come from around the country and the world swimming enthusiasts to participate, they must also pass a test in order to participate in the team composition. But this time in Nanchang set up a separate test match, which in the festival is the first time in history. Nanchang Winter Swimming Association Secretary long Liu introduced the more than 200 people to participate in the test results is also wrong, nearly ten results in less than eight minutes, dozens of people results in less than nine minutes, they will form a team to participate in the July 16th the festival. The Festival Organizing Committee o cheap nfl jerseys free shipping fficial said, in the Nanchang open test is a useful attempt to further expand the influence of the crossing section, the future will be in Hefei, Changsha and other places to set up such test points, let the festival this brand more popular.The official website of NFL | fifth week review: a tiger to win | football the last reversal tigers overtime victory over the Seahawks this season is not expected the Seattle Seahawks away unbeaten Cincinnati tigers. The Seahawks once saw the hope of winning, but the tigers tenaciously tied at the end of the game and score in overtime by kick lore opponents. Although the game made the first tiger touchdowns, but after the game was included in the Seahawks rhythm. Quarterback Russell Wilson (Russell Wilson) completed 1 passes to replace the injured horse Sean Lynch (Marshwn Lynch) came out of the running Thomas Thomas Rawls (Thomas Rawls) to get 69 yards to hit the ball. In addition, the Seahawks defense group also caused 2 times the ball, the safety Earl Thomas (Earl Thomas) in the end zone before Fonda steals tigers quarterback Andy Dalton (Andy Dalton) pass, and linebacker Bo Wagner (Bobby Wagner) than in the third quarter to snatch off the ball back to school touchdown. Before entering the fourth quarter the Seahawks have built a 17 point lead. But in the fourth quarter of a sudden change in the situation, the Seahawks offensive team lost touch, the attack were unable to advance over half. The tiger side, Dalton first second times and tight end Taylor efot (Tyler Eifert) to complete the ball up front, then he rushed the ball for a touchdown, did not call for 69 yards in the regular team last attack, the final completion of tiger kick to send the game into overtime. After entering overtime the Seahawks offensive Group continued to decline, while the tigers in the second wave of attack finally saw the dawn of victory, from the 43 yards after they began to attack successfully advancing to the Seahawks 24 yard line, the final success free kicks, with 27-24 win over the seahawks. Dalton 44 of 30 passes scored 2 touchdowns, this is the second time in the history of getting 17 points and win. overtime defense team copied the falcons for a thrilling victory over the red 's former Atlanta hawk, who had won the whole victory, had a flat Washington red skin at home, but the game was more difficult than expected. The quarterback Matt Ryan (Matt Ryan) and Julio Jones (Julio Jones), who were excellent performances before, were restricted in the field and failed to make the expected performance. Fortunately, the red skin attack was also weak, and the two sides of the offensive team had 5 turnovers, resulting in the conversion of the ball. But the game began to heat up in the fourth quarter, the two sides alternately lead, running back in de Wundt - Freeman (Devonta Freeman) at the last moment to complete 6 yards touchdown to help Falcon after leading the Redskins quarterback Kirk cousins (Kirk Cousins) led the team to promote the success of the free kick kick into any range, red the ball will match.the original link:Officially started | [] to Hao Bowling bowling 2015 China Bowling League final goldThe final of the 2015 Chinese bowling gold league final is officially opened at Hao Zhi bowling's bowling alley today. , a total of 36 players from all over the world, participated in the top competition, including 25 men and 11 women. they come from 2015 annual gold Chinese Bowling League rankings the top 14 men and women before 4, Zhejiang Bowling League top 3 men and women's champion, Guangdong Golden League ranking first, ranking first in Fujian Province Golden League , Hongkong District 4 invited players (3 male, 1 female), 2 people in Macao invited players (1 male and 1 female), 4 people in South Korea invited players (2 male and 2 female), the national team selected 2 female athletes. today's results are as follows:

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